House Cat Health Problems

If you are a beginner or a new cat owner, there are some common cat health problems that you should be aware of. Do not worry and do not worry, none of them is serious on its own, just need to ensure that they do not outgrow the problem.

Probably, the most common problem for the health of domestic cats are the balls, especially in long-haired cats. Because cats are such clean and fastidious creatures, they regularly take care or take care, often more than once a day. Cats spill a lot of hair and are often swallowed while nursing. Sometimes hair collects in a ball and lay down in a digestive path, instead of pass through a normal way and are deduced from an organism. The only way he (or she) can get it is to cough, not a pleasant sound, and often they bring some food or bile. Usually cats can remove the balls without any interference from us. However, if your cat continues to cough for more than a couple of hours and does not look happy or hungry, it might be wise to check with a veterinarian to see if the red tape caused an obstacle. Regular cleaning will help you to remove most loose hair, and also provide a connection time for both of you. There is something really soothing in cleaning a relaxed cat purr.

One problem with which I can almost guarantee that every owner of a domestic cat will face one day is fleas. This does not mean that you do not care about your cat properly, fleas can occur anywhere. They are great for jumping from one animal to another and then annoy the new master. If you notice that your cat is scratching more often than usual, especially if it is in the same area, check for fleas. These are small black oval creatures, and they bite your cat. They also move strongly around the animal’s body, so movement also causes irritation and scratches. Consult your veterinarian for treatment and try to get something non-chemical. You do not want to apply chemicals to the delicate skin of a cat or inject them into your home. There are many herbal remedies, so also check with your local pet store or health food store. Cats can damage their skin by constantly scratching fleas. Keep in mind that when you treat your cat, it will be worried for a while and scratch more, as fleas try to avoid treatment.

Worms in domestic cats are another problem that often arises. The main culprits are roundworms, tapeworms, and nematodes. If your cat seems to be eating a lot, but does not gain weight and always seems hungry, check the feces for both white spots and real worms. This requires a trip to the vet to find out what type of worm your cat has and the best method for treating it. Do not treat; it can be fatal. Again, try to find a natural remedy, if possible.

If your cat has not been sterilized or sterilized, they may be vulnerable to urinary tract infections. This is another good reason for your cat to be sterilized or sterilized – in addition to preventing unwanted kittens, it can help reduce the number of veterinary accounts. Symptoms of UTIs do not include getting into the litter box or outside before urinating or stopping using a litter box and very strong odorous urine. This is another way that a veterinarian can figure out how to organize an operation for sterilization or sterilization at the same time.


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