Cats vs. Catnip

What do cats like? Why catnip, of course. My cat likes to roll in it when I sprinkle someone on the carpet. The first place is a good test. Then he rolls over and tries to crush him in the carpet with his back.

If you want your cat to play in a certain area, sprinkle catnip in this area. Doing this on an ongoing basis, your cat will find out that this is a special place as your favorite. If you want to train your cat to stay in one part of the house most of the time, the same technique can be applied.

Why do cats like catnip?

Catnip is, in fact, a member of the plant family, including mint. The leaves of this favorite cat plant have oil on the leaves that produce the smell that cats like. When a cat bites something that contains leaves or rolls of catnip, the membrane of the leaf will break, giving off a special smell. Once the cat gets the smell of this smell, they are delighted to be happy. Everything is good in the world of cats.

The cat has genes that make it susceptible to a feeling of overwhelming joy from catnip. Now not all these cats possess this gene. Another thing is that this gene is present in kittens, but it is not activated until the animal is older. About 70% of cats have this gene. This includes the big cats that you will find in the zoo. The big cats I’m talking about are cheetahs, lions, tigers, and others. It does not matter what size they have. If they have a gene that allows them to feel the pleasure of a cat’s cat, they will be affected by it.

People want their beloved cats to be happy. They want to give them pleasure. Catnip will provide this fun for them. People go out and buy a toy filled with things for their pet. Sometimes they bring the toy home and do not seem to do anything for the cat. The owner knows that the cat loves catnip. What is the problem?

When you go buy a toy filled with this substance or a jar to replenish the toy, you need to be careful what you buy. You should read the labels on toys and jars. Many companies will include filler in a toy or jar. The leaves will be completely dried and do not contain oil, which has a scent similar to cats. Read the label of the products that you are buying, and make sure that you get 100% catnip. The smell of packaging. If you can not get a hint of the smell of catnip, your cat will not be able either. Make sure the leaves are dark green and smell of mint. Of course, if it’s inside the toy, you’ll have to rely on the nose, not your eyes.

You can save some time in the store by buying this plant wholesale. It can be stored for up to a year. You can freeze it, but do not cool it. Put in an empty jar with a glass salty lid with a lid on it or a plastic breakfast bag that seals.



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