Cat Facts

The cats are so curious animals. They roam around your house as if it were their property, they let themselves be pampered when they feel like it, they are neat and they always make their needs in their box … You know all this, but were you aware of these curiosities ? Here are 5 fun facts about cats

1. Walk on tiptoe

No one can deny that walking a cat is the most delicate and stylized there is . It seems as if they do not touch the ground with their legs … That is why they are so silent. This is because it is a digitized animal , that is to say, that instead of walking on the heels and the plants (like the people), it only supports the tips of the fingers to move.

While this may seem very uncomfortable to them, it is most normal for them and, in addition, their feet are prepared for it: the size and softness of the pads allow you to move without problems . It’s like having a ballet dancer at home!

2. The number of fingers varies

The front legs are not the same as the rear legs . Have you ever noticed it? The front ones have 5 fingers, and the ones of the back only 4. In both cases you can “hide” or “take out” the nails when you want. This mechanism is based on an elastic ligament that joins the last two claw bones , and which connects to the muscles through the tendons. In normal situations, the nail is under the skin. When it is extended, it is because the bone pushes it out.

3. The pads are soft but sturdy

One of the most outstanding features of cats’ legs is that their pads can be as soft and padded as we can enjoy … How come the delicate animal does not suffer from punctures, cuts or wounds? In fact, it is because they are strong enough to protect from external agents (from objects on the road to ground temperatures).

In addition, the pads have a great sensitivity to be able to hunt more effectively. Thanks to the legs, cats can evaluate the vivacity, energy, location and texture of the prey. Also know instantly if something is too hot or cold.

4. The cat sweats by the legs

The cat’s sweat glands are found in the pads of the paws . So, you sweat through them. But not only that, but also, the kittens leave their smell when they walk. The essence serves to mark their territory and let them know that it is there, and that site has owner.

Cat walking
Through these glands present in the paws of cats, they can communicate . If, for example, your cat scratches the scraper post, the sofa, or “kneads” the cam, it is to leave its scent and make it his own.

5. The pads are the same color as the hair

The pigment that manages to tone the skin also gives color to your legs, more precisely to the pads. If you pay attention, you will notice that those quilted areas are the same as the mantle (under the hairs). The options are varied: gray, orange, black, yellow, white … It all depends on the pigmentation of your skin.

Surely you will know that the cat is one of the most hygienic animals that exist. He is obsessed with cleanliness and cleanliness, which of course includes his legs. Keep in mind that any object, substance or even bacteria that is deposited on the paws of cats, will stop at your mouth, and then into your mouth . Therefore, you must be very careful where you step. The plants, the residues, the dirt … Everything can make your pet sick.




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